Our Approach

Our Philosophy...

Customer Centric

We help you to develop solutions which always put your Customer centre-stage.


            Client First

We start with a complete understanding of your needs and business realities. We gain this by questioning, listening and learning.


Our Ways of Working...

We use a combination of Consulting, Coaching & Training to meet individual Client needs.


Strategy Work-shops

With the deliverable of a "Blueprint Strategy for Success", we facilitate bespoke Full day or Half day Work-shops on Strategic Marketing, Branding & E-Marketing.


One-to-One Coaching

We develop & deliver coaching programmes which run initially over 6 weeks to 6 months, depending upon individual client needs.


Marketing Health Checks

We provide an Expert Report with recommendations on how to bring your marketing approach up to best practice standards.


Web-site Audits

We provide an independent Audit Report with recommendations on how to improve the integration of your web-site with your strategic business needs.


Ring or Email us...

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above please telephone or email Niamh at the contact details below.